Friday, August 2, 2013


My sweet Abbigail is getting so big! {I mean she turns one THIS month!} Often times throughout my week, I find myself missing the newborn baby stage. I miss swaddling her and rocking her to sleep. I miss holding her tight as she eats. I miss the times she was learning how to smile, and laugh, and roll, and crawl. There are so many things I miss. Then I look over at her, she looks at me and smiles as she says "mama" and my heart melts. Why do I do that? Why do I focus on the past and focus on how much I miss those precious milestones that have already happened? Why can't I focus more on the milestones that will happen? Why can't I live in the present and look forward to our future instead of focusing on our past? 

Abbi is turning one this month! She is walking around like a champ, learning how to throw her own diaper away (which she has a weird obsession with, btw), opening up cabinets, learning new words, eating regular food, using sippy cups, reading books to herself, talking to me (all day long), and I love every second of it! 

I love that she can blow me kisses, I love that she can say (sign) please when she wants something from me, I love that she can sleep through the night and wake up happy, I love that she is ticklish, I just love everything about her. 

Sometimes I just look at her and feel so overwhelmed! Sometimes I can't believe she is really mine. This is my life! God has entrusted me to take care of this sweet, smart, independent, sassy little girl. I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to do just that. 

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