Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Love Story: Dating Part Three.

... So you see, my brother and sister had just recently gotten married (NOT to each other) but one right after the other. I'm talking two weddings in three weeks! Yeah, it was kinda chaotic! But I vaguely remember my mom telling me I wasn't allowed to get married for a while, or maybe I just told myself that to give my poor mom a break from weddings, either way, I didn't want anyone in my family to find out about me and Drew because I was afraid! I liked this guy A LOT and new it would turn into something serious. I was afraid of what they would say, afraid they wouldn't approve, etc. That lasted a whole two days I think...

I remember we went to devotional (with the whole gang) and Drew and I held hands during the WHOLE THING! He still has his notes from the particular devo and you can barely read it because in order to hold my hand, he had to write with his left hand. My brother was with us, and that's when he saw. I figured it was time to come out with it.. I called my mom and downplayed the whole thing BIG TIME!

Me: "So Mom, uhh.. there is this boy named Drew.. and I think I like him."
Mom: "Oh really? Does he like you?"
Me: "I don't know.. but he asked me on a date..."

Yeah, Sorry Mom, I kind of lied to you, I KNEW I liked Drew a lot and he DID like me a lot... But now, over two years later.. I'm sure all is forgiven.

Drew and I went on our first date to Wingers on January 18th 2011. It was flawless. The conversation flowed the entire time. There was just something about him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He made me laugh, he listen to me, and I couldn't get enough of him. After dinner, we drove home and sat in his car and talked for hours.. We never ran out of things to say. It was awesome!

We saw each other everyday. Officially we went on another date a week later, and before we left I told my roommate that "tonight is the night." Drew was going to kiss me on that date. We went to Gringos ( a mexican restaurant in Rexburg), drove around awhile, then went back to his apartment complex and did homework downstairs in their lounge area. We were all cuddled up "studying", no really I think we actually were doing homework. Or at least we were trying to..  He wasn't acting like he was about to kiss me, so I started to kiss him on his cheek every once in a while....

...this is where our story differs. He says I kissed him first, but since I'm the one telling the story, I'm right! I drew you a picture..

You know that awkward crack between your cheek and your lips.. Yeah, that's where I kissed him, and I don't consider that our first kiss. Shortly after that controversial kiss, he actually kissed me smack on the lips! I was speechless! For wanting and planning on kissing Drew that night, I wasn't expecting it...

After that date, we went on plenty of other dates! That whole semester was one big party! We went on a couple double dates with our good friends Matt and Brielle, bowling, roller skating (and before you ask, yes we were surrounded my middle schoolers), movie theaters, down to Inkom, dinners, homework parties, etc. Not to mention, since we were across the parking lot from each other we saw each other every waking second we could.

As fun as that winter semester had been, it had to come to an end. I was going to school year round, so I would be returning to BYU-I for the next semester.. But Drew wasn't on track. He was moving down to Inkom to work. (Inkom is a little over an hour away from BYU-I.) But before he moved, he came with me to Washington to meet my family, Where, ahem... he asked my dad for permission to marry me! Of course my Dad said yes. I know it was hard for him, I'm absolutely, without a doubt, his favorite child.. so he was pretty sad to be losing me.. right Dad?

After an amazing week in Washington, we drove back to Idaho. We went on our last date before the move. After dinner, we came back to my apartment, talked for a minute and then said our goodbyes. Drew gave me a hug and a kiss and left. I was in tears...


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  1. This is so much fun to read! I love how expressive you are :] and the mouth-crack kissy illustration is hilarious.


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