Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Party.

We had Abbigail's birthday party on Saturday the 24th. Originally, I wanted to have a grand 'ol party with fancy decorations that I had made myself, and homemade food, etc.. But instead some balloons and printed pictures of Abbi were the only decorations and all the food was store bought. And that is okay! In fact, it was perfect. It took a lot of the pressure off me and I was able to just enjoy the party with all of the family that came. Her Party was perfect! {Except for the fact I got stung by a bee for the first time in my whole life! And if ANYONE tells you it "doesn't hurt too bad", They are lying through their teeth!} - Just FYI. 

Her party was small. We only had family there... a total of maybe 15 people, but the love we felt for Abbi was 20X that. We are so blessed with a family who loves and adores our sweet girl. At first Abbi was a little nervous, because everyone wanted her attention and she hadn't seen some of these people in a while. It only took about 15 minutes and she took center stage! She walked around saying "hi" to everyone and blowing TONS of kisses! We started the party off by socializing and eating some lunch! I had gone to Walmart earlier that day and bought sandwiches and fruit. Thank you Walmart, because your food (including the cake) was surprisingly delicious! We all enjoyed each others company while we ate and Abbigail enjoyed going from person to person and stealing food from quite a few different people. Strawberries seemed to be her favorite that day ( I know, the only food that will stain her clothes), she couldn't get enough of them! 

After lunch, we opened presents. If you are looking for a way to save a little money - most of Abbigail's presents were toys that she has already been playing with and loves, put in a fancy shmancy bag. The look on her face as she pulled the tissue paper out of the bags was priceless, regardless of the present inside. She definitely got spoiled that little cutie. 

... and of course, my favorite part of the party was the cake smash! A couple weeks before, we had made a practice cake and gave a piece to Abbigail. She destroyed it. I had no doubt in my mind that her cake smash would be a success. Although, I do have to mention, as we were singing happy birthday to her, the fire from the candle on the cake touched one of the balloons attached to her highchair and made the balloon pop. Everyone screamed, Abbi started crying and overall it was a pretty tramatizing experience. But we got her calmed down, took the candle away and put the cake in front of her. This was the result: 

Overall, I'd say her party was a big success! We are so grateful for the awesome support system we have! Abbi has a super family! Slowly, I am accepting the fact that my sweet baby girl is a one year old. As hard as it is to watch her grow up, I am loving the stage she is in now. Having a little toddler running around is so fun! (and it keeps me SUPER busy.) I can't wait for all the fun times we will have this year! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! 

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  1. She is such a doll I can't get over it! Her party looks like so much fun and her yellow romper is totally KILLING ME! I can't believe she is already 1, it only gets more fun from here on out :) Happy birthday again sweet Abbigail!


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