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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lily Elizabeth

On September 9th, we welcomed Lily Elizabeth into our family. I finally got around to writing about our birth/recovery experience on our new blog! Go HERE to check it out and of course, follow along on our new blog for more updates! 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maternity Pictures

Some maternity pictures and a plea for some "mommy advice" is posted over on the new blog! Come on over and check it out! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Cookie Adventure!

Hi Friends! There are a couple new posts about the best food {slash} snack {slash} dessert in the entire world over on the new blog! Come on over and check 'em out! I'd love to have you! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Change is good!

Hi Friends! For those of you that do not know, I have started a new blog! I really just wanted to start fresh, so I will no longer be posting on this blog.. 

But please, don't be a stranger! Come say hi and follow along on my new blog! It would make me oh so very happy! 

{No, but really! Come on over!}

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cannon Beach, OR

For the Fourth of July, We packed up our car and headed to Washington! I went to Washington with Abbigail back in January, but Drew hadn't been since Thanksgiving and we decided that was too long! We left after work on Wednesday and stayed through Sunday. It was the best. We are all so spoiled when we go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Abbi was the center of attention (like always), I'm pretty sure she is going to have some attention withdrawals now that we are back home. 

We enjoyed 4 days of relaxing, eating out, shopping and spending time with family. It was great! On Thursday though, Abbigail was acting a little off and everytime she had to pee (TMI?) she would scream! Something wasn't right. Thank goodness for modern medicine and doctors. We took her to one of the urgent care places, they took a urine sample and told us she had some kind of UTI. How do babies even get those? Anyways, the prescribed an antibiotic and aside from the fever that came along with the infection, she was feeling back to her normal self by Friday morning. Hallelujah! 

Abbigail's schedule was kinda messed up from the one hour time change. She was up at 5:30am every morning, which made for one tired Mama. But that also made for a tired baby and so for the Fourth of July we put her to bed at 8:00 and called it a night! Please tell me we aren't the only lame ones? But right outside my parent's window, people were setting off some pretty great fireworks, so we did enjoy quite the fireworks show without even leaving the house. It was perfect. 

*** Also, I blame this on the pregnancy, but Saturday night rolled around and I realized I hadn't taken a single picture! I was so upset. But trust me when I tell you we had a great time and can't wait to go back! 

Sunday Morning came and we decided we didn't want to be done vacationing. Driving back home and going back to work just seemed so blah. Can I get an Amen? It took a while to convince Drew (a whole 30 seconds), but then we decided to drive over to Portland to visit his sister Janelle and her husband Jacob. They are kind of the best! 

We got to their house and went swimming, played card games and Abbi really enjoyed coloring on their back door with window markers. I guess maybe I should invest in some of those. We convinced Janelle that work was for Lame-O's and she took work off for the next day. Jacob was a little more stubborn. Something about work is important and he couldn't miss. Darn you Jacob for being responsible! 

We woke up Monday morning and made plans to head to the Oregon Coast for a little day trip. Drew realized one of his contacts had torn and he didn't have any back up glasses. Luckily Janelle's eye doctor saved the day and gave Drew a couple pairs of new contacts. They were awesome! After Drew put his new contacts in, we headed to the beach...

Our day at the beach could not have been more perfect! We ate lunch at a little diner that sat right on the ocean! It was gorgeous! It was 65 degrees outside and overcast! It actually felt great, but we didn't pack a single jacket as we werent planning on heading over this way. So darn it, we had to go buy some! :) 

Drew said he would just "Man up" whatever that means, but Abbi and I both got some new jackets that said Cannon Beach on them! We had so much fun going into all the little shops. They had a chocolate cafe and a candy store! It's safe to say that Abbigail ate more candy that day than she had her whole life, but she wasn't complaining. I guess that's what happens when fun Aunt Janelle is in charge! 

Last year, when we were at the coast, Abbigail really liked playing in the sand, but hated the water. This year was totally different. She still loved playing in the sand, but she also loved playing in the water, chasing seagulls, and finding treasure (shells) in the sand. She is a little beach babe, that's for sure! We stayed for a few hours, but Abbi would have been happy there all night too! After splashing/sitting/practically lying in the ocean, Abbi was pretty wet. (Note to Self: Next time we go to the coast, bring an extra pair of clothes for the baby and toddler!) We stripped her down, tried to get as much sand out of her diaper as we could and wrapped her in a dry blanket. I think we wore her out. And with that, we headed back to Jacob and Janelle's to pack up all of our things and get ready for our long drive back home!

We had the best time! Thanks to Jacob and Janelle for letting us invade their place on such short notice. We sure love you guys! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cam & Kenna!

Back in March, (I know, still playing catch-up) My brother Cameron and his cute wife McKenna came to visit us! We always love seeing those two. While they were here we went to Shoshone Falls. The canyon was absolutely stunning, the waterfalls were pretty and they had the cutest little park that Abbi just loved playing at. 

I'm not sure why she was so grouchy, but unless she had "kitty" with her at all times, she wasn't happy with anyone! So, Kitty went with her EVERYWHERE that day. Abbi and Kitty especially enjoyed playing on the swings with Aunt Kenna and going down the slide! 

After the park we did a little shopping. It's just about impossible for me to go into Twin Falls and NOT stop at Target. (Curse you, you beautiful store!) So we went to Target and also to the DI. We found some good treasures. Cameron saw a practically brand new game of Scategories for only a couple bucks. Don't you love when that happens? So of course, when we were done shopping we went home to play Scategories. 

For dinner, we went to this pizza parlor here in Kimberly. From the outside, it doesn't look like much, but we had heard good things about it, so we went for it! It was the best pizza I'd ever had! SOO Delicious! It was small, and the people were so kind and personable. We so enjoyed it! 

We had so much fun with Aunt Kenna and Uncle Cam! Come back soon guys! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kansas Trip {Part Three}

Okay, you guys, let's get real! This Kansas Trip was a whole month ago! With my "pregnancy brain" I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night, so I'm not about to try and remember every specific detail about our fun trip to the Kansas City Zoo. 

I can tell you a few things though.. So here they are:

+It was like 75 degrees and sunny on the day we decided to go to the zoo and it felt like summer! (Let's be honest, living in Idaho that's the closest I've been to summer since August.)
+Both babies had a blast! I don't think either had much of a morning nap, and they were still happy! 
+Speaking of no naps, Abbi gave up and fell asleep in her stroller half way through our day and she was OUT! Loud sounds, the sun in her eyes, stinky animals, nothing could wake her up! We gave her about 20 minutes to sleep and then I took her out of her stroller and woke her up. Let's just say I wasn't exactly her 'best friend' after that...
+ Hailey loved the penguins and Abbi loved the Lemurs. I think she stayed at their exhibit for 10 minutes just watching as each one leaped from branch to branch. {And can I just say I had this theme song running through my head the whole time. Drew had never heard of this show,  please tell me I'm not the only one?!?!} 
+We had an absolute blast! I wish we lived closer to Lindsay and Hailey, we could make this a daily thing and I don't think any of us would/could get sick of it. 

Thanks for the fun time Grandma, Lindsay and Hailey! We can't wait until the next time we can get together! 

Kansas Trip {Part Two}

We didn't waste any time that next morning! 

We woke up bright and early! {thank you time difference and a stubborn toddler who doesn't know how to "sleep in"} After breakfast, we all got ready and headed out for an afternoon of fun! First stop was Panera Bread. I feel as though I missed out! Pregnancy food aversion and nausea were acting up and I didn't really get to enjoy my lunch! 

Next time, Panera, next time. 

After lunch, we ventured into an older part of Kansas City to the children's museum. The neighborhood seemed a little bit questionable, but the museum itself was so fun! Obviously, well used and so so enjoyable

The museum had a bunch of different rooms all with different themes! It was so fun! As we started to leave each room, Abbi would have an absolute meltdown. She was having so much fun and didn't want to leave. Then, we would show her the next room and her face would light up! It didn't matter what was in the room, it was the coolest thing she had ever seen! 

One of her favorite rooms was the little shop they had full of recycled materials. They were selling things like toilet paper rolls, cardboard, old pieces of metal, aluminum cans, etc for dirt cheap. Essentially, it was a room full of garbage for sale and Abbi couldn't get enough. I think she is going to be a creative little booger when she gets older and she she didn't get that from me. Trust me. 

Can I just take a moment to say something and get it off my chest?! I have made an executive decision {meaning, Drew has no say in the matter whatsoever}
Starting yesterday, any extra money we have is going into a "project adopt an African baby fund!" 
Seriously, at the children's museum they had a room full of dolls. Abbi quickly chose the cutest little baby doll and wouldn't put it down. I died and couldn't even handle how cute it was! I feel the same way Abbi. One day, one day. 

We had such a fun time at the children's museum! If only Kansas was 30 minutes away instead of 16 hours, we would be there every single day!

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