Friday, April 11, 2014

Cam & Kenna!

Back in March, (I know, still playing catch-up) My brother Cameron and his cute wife McKenna came to visit us! We always love seeing those two. While they were here we went to Shoshone Falls. The canyon was absolutely stunning, the waterfalls were pretty and they had the cutest little park that Abbi just loved playing at. 

I'm not sure why she was so grouchy, but unless she had "kitty" with her at all times, she wasn't happy with anyone! So, Kitty went with her EVERYWHERE that day. Abbi and Kitty especially enjoyed playing on the swings with Aunt Kenna and going down the slide! 

After the park we did a little shopping. It's just about impossible for me to go into Twin Falls and NOT stop at Target. (Curse you, you beautiful store!) So we went to Target and also to the DI. We found some good treasures. Cameron saw a practically brand new game of Scategories for only a couple bucks. Don't you love when that happens? So of course, when we were done shopping we went home to play Scategories. 

For dinner, we went to this pizza parlor here in Kimberly. From the outside, it doesn't look like much, but we had heard good things about it, so we went for it! It was the best pizza I'd ever had! SOO Delicious! It was small, and the people were so kind and personable. We so enjoyed it! 

We had so much fun with Aunt Kenna and Uncle Cam! Come back soon guys! 

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