Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My blogging DREAMS..

OK, I know I am not the most consistent blogger. I absolutely know that. However, I am convinced that once I am done with school, I WILL be better. Since I am not done with school yet, I have a problem. This problem consists of procrastination and blog stalking. Actually, It has turned into blog coveting. I just want to be an GoodGreat ABSOLUTELY AWESOME blogger! But for now, I will just update you on life and continue to put more effort into blogging consistently.

Life is pressing forward even if we are not ready for it. School is completely draining for both husband and I. We are both looking forward to a relaxing Christmas Break consisting of PJ's, Diet Pepsi, SLEEP, NCIS, Family (really the most important :)), No homework, and each other. It twill be incredible and much needed. But until then, we are dealing with work (everyday), school, homework, homework, oh and homework. I don't mean to make life sound terrible, it most definitely is NOT! In between our homework, school, and work, we find time to spend with each other relaxing, play with our friends, and see family. 

Last week was Thanksgiving! Husband and I went on a long 10 hour adventure (each way) with Lindsay and Travis, and Cameron. We drove to Washington state to visit my family. It was so nice! My brother Cameron is in a photography class here at school and needed to take some pictures for his class. They ended up turning out really GREAT! Sadly, I don't have copies of those pictures yet. BUT, when I do, I will post for all to see! For Thanksgiving we had A LOT of people in the house. Food was great, Family Time was great, and vacationing was much needed! BLACK FRIDAY was awesome! To start off our great day of shopping we slept in, then ate breakfast, and decided, okay I guess we can go to some stores. Amazingly enough, the stores still had what we were looking for. Great Success.

Now that thanksgiving is over, I CAN TALK ABOUT, SING ABOUT, AND DREAM ABOUT CHRISTMAS ALL I WANT! Some one I know, has a real problem with anything Christmas until AFTER thanksgiving. So now that thanksgiving is over, the partying can begin! We went to Wally-World and bought our first family Christmas tree and Ornaments! We have yet to set it up, but plan on doing so soon! I will post pictures of our Christmas Loving apartment as soon as we get things set up.

Ok, Post is long enough. Sorry no pictures. Next time, I promise! Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Merry Soon-To-Be Christmas!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Big BABY News!


Drew and I are no longer just {Ashley and Drew}.... We are now officially... Uncle Drew and Aunt Ashley!
Ryker David Wright was born on November 2nd 2011! He is the most adorable little baby I have ever seen! ( I may be a little bias). We were able to go down last weekend and welcome the little guy into the family. He really is such a good baby. I think the only time he really cries is when he is getting his diaper changed {and boy does he cry} but come on! Could you blame him? And even then... his little scream is so cute I have a hard time taking him seriously. :) It was so fun to hang out with Justin and Heather for the weekend! They are already such great parents! Ryker is one lucky dude!

Now after a week away from the little guy, I am READY  DYING To go back! I wish we lived in Utah so I could see him EVERYDAY! As everyone can see, I have a new obsession. I love being an Aunt! 

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