Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A day at the park

We needed a break. After all, staying at home all day pretending to clean house is pretty exhausting. So Abbi and I put on our shoes, and headed to the park. No one was there! I was pretty surprised because with the exception of a little breeze, the weather was perfect! Since nobody was there but us, Abbi was free to roam and play without the crazy big kids getting in the way. The park is a lot more fun when Abbi can walk around and actually enjoy playing on the slide, swing, etc.  We are so lucky to have a nice little park just down the street from us. You can bet this won't be our last park outing. We love summertime! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

... You'd be an awesomeosaurus!


I just wanted you to know that if you were a dinosaur....

...You'd be an awesomeosaurus

Seriously, I have been blessed with some pretty great men in my life. My Dad is such a great example to me of how I should live my life. He is smart, loving, caring, passionate, funny and so much more. Whether it was at home, at the office, or elsewhere, I could always look to my dad for guidance. He is one of the coolest people I know! For real. Rock on Papa Slash, rock on. 

Jeff Wright - I love this man. From the day I met him he has loved me, teased me, and treated me as if I were his biological daughter. I have always felt loved and cared for by this man. It has been so nice to have a dad so close, when my real dad lives so far away. I couldn't have married into a better family. 

Last but NOT least, Drew. I can't even put into words how grateful I am for this man. I'm grateful for the love he shows me and I'm grateful for the love he shows Abbigail. I never have to worry about being mistreated or not having what we need. Drew is the hardest worker I know and will always provide for our family. I'm grateful to his parents for the way they raised him. I couldn't take on this parenting journey without him. I wouldn't want anyone else to ride this ride with

Happy Fathers Day you three! I couldn't have asked for better Dads or Grandpas! Love you guys!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smiles, Snot and a lot of Sass.

All this teething is making Abbi's nose run like a river, but she is still as happy and sassy as ever! And for those moments where she isn't happy (understandable right? 4 teeth!), Tylenol has become our best friend! I love that she still giggles and laughs, crawls and climbs, eats food and toys and throws food and toys. This mama is grateful that Abbi handles teething so well! It makes my life a lot easier too! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Lately, life has been pretty awesome! To start off, we bought a car! {woot woot!} It is a beautiful 2007 Honda Civic. Seriously, It's like we were made for each other. I was driving down the road one day, glanced over at the used car lot as I was driving by (as I do almost everyday) and saw crappy car, crappy car, junky car, beautiful, nice, Honda Civic, crappy car, crappy car, you get the idea. It stuck out like a sore thumb. The next morning I called to get the details, It was in our price range and the year we wanted and we were the first people to call on it. He had just put it out on the lot a few days prior. What? I was so excited, after test driving it, taking it to a mechanic, etc, we bought it! Oh happy, happy day! 

Last weekend, Ryker came to town again. This time his parents were here too! We love when Heather and Justin get to come visit. Also, Abbi and Ryker are best friends! It's adorable! They follow each other around, kiss each other, laugh with one another, and it is awesome! When Abbi takes a toy Ryker is playing with or even thinking about playing with, he kinda gets upset, but Abbi doesn't care. She is just happy to be with him! That's why their friendship is working out so great! While he was here, we busted out the little swimming pool at Nana's house and they loved it! Abbigail loves water. But when it comes to swimming, she takes a little longer to warm up. (like 20 minutes or so). But after she has decided she is ready, we can't pull her away! She loves it! I need to take her to the little water park here in Pocatello. I bet she would be in Heaven! 

Drew and I were able to leave Abbi and Nana and Grandpa's house and sneak away to the temple. Temple dates are my favorite! I come home with joy and peace in my heart and a renewed love for Drew and Abbigail AND I feel my relationship with my Heavenly Father grows as I go to the temple. It's awesome! 

A couple days ago, Abbi's small cold started getting a lot worse and she got a fever. I know, I know, you're thinking, "She is sick again?" I thought she was, so I took her to the doctor and he told us there is no ear infection, but FOUR news teeth coming through. Poor Abbi huh? So the last couple days at our house have been quite miserable if I'm being honest with you. I feel like these kind of days have been the hardest part of being a mom so far. My baby is sick/teething, not feeling good, crying and I really can't do anything for her except Tylenol and cuddling. It makes for a very frustrated and exhausted Mama. 

Last but definitely not least, in fact it's probably to coolest thing to happen in the past week, Abbi has become a walking machine! It's awesome! She has been working on walking for the past couple of weeks, but just this week she has almost mastered it. She still falls, and she cant stand back up on her own yet, but she can just about make it across a whole room. And the best thing is she isn't afraid to try anymore. She gets excited to walk! She squeals and flaps her arms as she is trying to balance while walking across the room. Then, when she falls, she claps for her self. She is so funny. Anyway, to prove it, here is a video!

And that's about it. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I know I've been changing my blog design just about as often as I change Abbi's diapers (and as you know, that is FREQUENT!) But I like this design, so I think it should be here awhile...

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Can she get any cuter?! This girl melts my heart! I'm so blessed to be her Mama...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

to get out of bed...

FYI: This post is not for everybody. We're talking about a sensitive subject. Okay, let's be honest, we're talking about poop.


I understand pooping is a bodily function. It's natural and stuff, blah blah blah. And actually, I should be happy Abbigail is pooping. In the past, she has been a very constipated baby. So poop should equal a happy dance. But in the past few weeks, I have gone from changing one poopy diaper every 3-4 days to changing 3-4 poopy diapers every day. That would be just fine with me, except the majority of these poops happen right before naps, and bedtime. It doesn't matter if I let her cry for one minute or ten minutes, I can almost guarantee she will have a poopy diaper. It happens 95% of the time. 


My sweet baby has figured out, that if she poops, we will get her out of bed and change her. What am I supposed to do? Tell her to "suck it up and go to bed" and if she poops, she will just have to "deal with it?" 

How can I explain to her, "Look honey, it's time to go to bed. You can't just poop everytime you don't want to do something." If this continues, I can totally see her in the future pooping to get out of a homework assignment,  to get out of cleaning her room, or to get her schedule at work change. Okay maybe not to that extreme or maybe that's not an extreme? 

It is the most bizarre thing ever. Has this happened to anyone else? 

It's probably just a phase, right?

Don't let that cute face fool you, this girl is a poopaholic. I am at a loss. What do I do?

Will she just grow out of it?
This may sound like a joke, but I am quite serious.
Any advice?

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