Monday, July 22, 2013


This cute girl is eleven months old! Even as I write that, I don't believe it. Wasn't it just yesterday, I was holding her in my arms for the first time? She is growing up too fast! 

At eleven months old Abbigail:
-Has four teeth and she is still trying to figure out how to use them. Her innocent little kisses get a little painful at times. 
-Walks around like she has been doing it her whole life. "She looks too little to be walking" is a common observation perfect strangers make as we pass.  
- Says "hi", "go", "dada", "mama", "yeah", "uh-oh" and signs "more" and "please"
-Is really good at throwing tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. Seriously, eleven months going on sixteen years. 
-Dances whenever she hears music. It's kinda the cutest bum shake I have ever seen!
-Sleeps between eleven and twelve hours a night. We put her down at 7pm and she usually wakes up about 6:30am and she takes two naps during the day. She has turned out to be the best sleeper and for that we are so thankful! 
-Eats just about anything we put in front of her and everything she finds on the ground. She is our own personal vacuum. It's awesome!
-Loves visiting the chickens at Nana and Grandpa's house! As soon as we pull into their driveway she starts saying "bawk, bawk, bawk!" 

We are so grateful for our Abbi girl! We're grateful for her sweet spirit, her smile, her laugh, and her sassy personality. She has changed our lives so much already and we can't imagine life without her! 


  1. ahhh shes getting so big!!!! love your new blog design too :)

  2. shes such a cutie! wish I could meet her little walkin & bawkin self! hehe

  3. Oh she is precious!! This post kind of made me sad! My baby is 7 months (I don't even know how that's possible?!) and I bet I'll wake up tomorrow and she'll be 11 months! I feel like time is passing THAT quickly!!

    1. Courtney! I know the feeling! I just want her to be my baby forever!


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