Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mt. Timpanogos Run.

This weekend Drew and I went down to Utah to watch Drew's dad and brother run a half marathon down American Fork Canyon. We went down on Friday and came back on Saturday so it was a pretty quick trip.{Sorry to all you Utahans we weren't able to see.} It was so great to be able to spend time with Justin, Heather and Ryker. They are so great! We always love spending time with family. Also, that was our last trip down to Utah (or anywhere) until Baby Girl gets here! Woo! So from here on out, it is relaxing at home and packing up boxes for our move back up to Rexburg. We are so excited to move back. It has been a nice break away, but we are ready to be back in the Burg. :) For now, here are some pictures of our fun weekend!

So handsome!

34 Weeks + 2 days!
The runners! Way to go guys!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crib Continued.

Woot Woot! Our Crib is finally set up! I love it! The only thing missing from it now is a crib mattress and the bedding! I have the bedding, but I am still looking for a crib mattress. We are hoping to get it soon! Drew is such a good sport for spending all that time on setting the crib up. {It's not as easy as it looks}. Also, we are moving in 4 weeks and the crib that he just finished assembling will be coming down in the next couple weeks anyways. I was just dying to see what it looked like set up, so major brownie points to Drew for accommodating. :)

Also, today I am 34 weeks pregnant! WOO! {no picture today}. I only have 6 more weeks until my due date. (FYI, that is ONLY 42 DAYS!) We are praying REALLY hard for baby girl to come early. Not too early because we want her to be healthy and strong but early none the less. I don't know how all of you other moms felt at 34 weeks, but I am so over being pregnant. I hate all of the side effects that come with it. With every headache, backache, leg cramp, etc, it makes me more and more anxious to meet our little girl! Also, I am now trying to decide what we need to pack in our hospital bag. I may just be thinking too much about it, but I am kind of at a loss. What did you other moms find most helpful? Any advice would be fantastic!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Crib came! We are going to finish setting it up tonight!

Post to be continued....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby Bump: 32 weeks + 3 days.

As much as I complain about how my due date isn't soon enough, I really can't believe how fast these last few weeks have gone. I am now due in LESS than 2 months and if she comes a week early she could be born NEXT month. That is crazy for me to think about. We are slowly and surely getting everything ready for baby girl's arrival. It is a little bit difficult considering we aren't moving back up to Rexburg until the end of next month, but we are doing our best. My mom bought our crib for us and it should be here this week! I can't wait to set it up and see how it looks with our bedding. Baby girl's closet is packed already and I haven't even put all of her clothes in there yet. Also, I am pretty sure she has cuter shoes than I do. 
Case and Point. 
We do have a name picked out for her. However, that name is going to be kept off the internet until she makes her grand entrance into this fine world. {P.S. it is so hard keeping it a secret!} Drew and I are so excited for our sweet baby girl to join our family! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The fourth of July.

I don't know about you guys. But every time the fourth of July comes around I think about the movie Little Rascals. "He makes me melt like a Popsicle on the fourth of July" I smile every time I think about it and now I smile even bigger because I do have someone who makes me melt!

This year, our fourth consisted of breakfast at grandma and grandpa's and then of course the one and only Inkom fourth of July parade. I was fun to spend time with family and enjoy the parade together.

After the parade we packed our bags and headed down to Utah. That night we had dinner with my parents. My mom's sister invited us over to watch fireworks at their house. They were lighting off a bunch of fireworks in their cul-de-sac. It was fun but SOO loud! I wonder what baby girl was thinking...

Driving back to where we were sleeping that night, you could really see the Alpine fire well. It was dark outside so there wasn't a lot of smoke blocking the flames. It looked insane so we snapped some pictures. Then we made it back to our bed and went right to bed for a much needed sleep. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

It's a Love Story - Cameron and McKenna!

I have a lot of blogging catch up to do. Drew and I have been down in Utah for a long weekend. It was a pretty eventful weekend with fireworks, baby shower, shopping and Cameron and McKenna getting married. But for now, we will stick with the most important event. {The Wedding!}

July 7, 2012

It honestly couldn't have been a more perfect day. Their sealing was perfect, the weather was gorgeous and Cameron and McKenna are such a great couple to be around. So to see them so perfectly happy on their special day, was awesome!

The Luncheon they had was delicious. A LOT of people showed up to support Cameron and McKenna. The dads gave tender little speeches that made it clear how much they love their children and even Grandma Norman (McKenna's Grandma) spoke and told the story of how Cameron and McKenna met and fell in love. It was SO sweet!

And then the reception - The decorations were INCREDIBLE!

I loved, loved, loved the vintage style McKenna chose. It was perfect! And of course Cameron and McKenna looked great together as usual. 

Congratulations Cameron and McKenna on your special day! Drew and I only wish you the best! You two are perfect together! We love you!

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