Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crib Continued.

Woot Woot! Our Crib is finally set up! I love it! The only thing missing from it now is a crib mattress and the bedding! I have the bedding, but I am still looking for a crib mattress. We are hoping to get it soon! Drew is such a good sport for spending all that time on setting the crib up. {It's not as easy as it looks}. Also, we are moving in 4 weeks and the crib that he just finished assembling will be coming down in the next couple weeks anyways. I was just dying to see what it looked like set up, so major brownie points to Drew for accommodating. :)

Also, today I am 34 weeks pregnant! WOO! {no picture today}. I only have 6 more weeks until my due date. (FYI, that is ONLY 42 DAYS!) We are praying REALLY hard for baby girl to come early. Not too early because we want her to be healthy and strong but early none the less. I don't know how all of you other moms felt at 34 weeks, but I am so over being pregnant. I hate all of the side effects that come with it. With every headache, backache, leg cramp, etc, it makes me more and more anxious to meet our little girl! Also, I am now trying to decide what we need to pack in our hospital bag. I may just be thinking too much about it, but I am kind of at a loss. What did you other moms find most helpful? Any advice would be fantastic!


  1. A cute pair of pajamas, hair stuff, shampoo and conditioner (hospital stuff is like generic public bathroom soap), your own pillow, treats for the hubs for while you are in labor (we also scored major brownie points for having some for the nurses/drs) comfy clothes to come home in. Something for her to come home in. We also changed Emery into a nightgown and our own blanket instead of keeping her in the hospital stuff. Computer, camera (charged batteries or spare), cell phone charger..... I think that is about it!!! :)

  2. I hear one of the best things is socks or slippers so your feet dot have to touch the yucky hospital floors during your stay.

  3. I agree with above, but would also add a robe,you can go stir crazy in your little hospital room, so you can walk the baby down to the nursery or go pick her up (like after the pediatrician comes or in the morning-if you have her stay there)and it feels good to be able to move around a bit. Also bring slippers so you can walk, hospital floors get so dirty so quickly with all the visitors. Movies to watch or a book to read or both. A binky if you're going to give her one, so that she gets use to the one you'll have at home, and not the one the hospital has. I also bring a towel, cause the ones I've had in the hospital are slightly bigger than a dish towel, are scratchy, and don't dry you off very well. I use their towels for my hair. :)
    Also I tried to pack my hospital bag when all the books said to, at like 36 weeks, with Christian, but I didn't have enough clothes that still fit at that point to have a whole "coming home" outfit packed away for a month. Odds that you won't have ten minutes to throw stuff in a bag, unlikely. And if it happens, Drew can go and get what you need after she's here. So the foremost important things in that case, camera and your pillow. :)Good luck! The count down in on!

  4. What we brought was some cloths for me and Kenneth to go home in. I just stayed in the hospital gown the entire time and changed it after i showered. We also kept Kenneth in the hospital stuff too because they have a big sleep sack that they put them in. Also my thought was I don't want to have to wash some clothes when we get home especially the meconium stuff is so gross and tar like that it will ruin an outfit. Plus I also didn't want to worry about getting blood on anything either. We also brought a season of Gilmore Girls to watch and watched all but two episodes of it because he took so long. We did bring a robe and that was nice. I've heard of people bring card games to play or their laptop to do things on too. We had our camera and phone to take pictures of and tell parents and family once they arrived. :) Will you be back up here to have her in Madison? If so they were great to Tim and I.

  5. LOVE the crib!!! you are getting so close ahh! hang in there. I promise you will miss being pregnant! As far as the hospital bag goes...we packed lots of snacks for David. I brought my birthing ball for laboring on. I did get a comfy cute set of pjs but never ended up wearing them because the Hospital gowns were so much more convient. Plus with the bleeding and the huge diaper things you wear afterwards it just easier to stay in the gowns. My labor was so fast we didn't even have time watch tv, movies or play games. We brought a going outfit home for the baby but kept him in the hospital stuff because once again it was just more convenient. I packed stretchy pants for going home for myself. You leave still looking 6 months preggo! I also brought my journal to write down a couple thoughts before and soon after the delivery. You'll prob be so tired but i love going back and reading about that day bc its mostly a blur now! If you plan on nursing, bring your bobby pillow. That thing was the best baby purchase. Toothbrush/toiletries etc are a given. When we left we snagged the little outfit rem was in for a keepsake. That's all I can remember right now... Hope this helps! I'm so excited for you!!!


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