Friday, May 31, 2013

Catch Up.

{Prepare yourself for a picture overload.}

I know I am WAY behind in blogging. I don't really have any excuse, except I have just been trying to keep up with my precious, adorable, active, nine month old monster. She keeps me on my feet most of the day and blogging really hasn't been on my to-do list. Lately, we have been: reading lots of books! Abbigail loves them! (Mostly eating them, but I'm convinced she likes reading them too), trapping our sweet baby in the family room (As soon as that baby gate swings open, she can be climbing the stairs in a matter of seconds. It's Nuts!), eating, eating eating! This girl will eat just about anything you put in front of her. She LOVES grown up food! Splashtime, I mean Bathtime, is another thing this girl loves. But seriously, I can't give her a bath, without getting soaked. It's a pretty fun time. We have also been playing with kitchen utensils, learning how to use a sippy cup, practicing standing and walking! Abbi is  awesome at keeping her balance. She can stand on her own for a long time! She isn't really interested in walking, more like running! So when she starts to run, she loses her balance. But occasionally, she will take her time and go slower. When she does this, she has taken like 8 steps or so. Maybe more? It's crazy! When did my baby girl get so big, that she can walk??!?

In the adult world, Drew was asked to student teach for seminary next school year! Woohoo! So we will be sticking around Inkom for a year, then hopefully he will be hired and we will go wherever the church tells us too! Exciting times ahead! Also, we are car shopping! We have been using a two door car, which has done the job, but my back is starting to kill me! So we're in the market for a nice, used, four door car. I think we found one we like... So I will keep you updated. That is really the extent of our exciting life. Drew is working construction with his Dad this summer. One thing about that: Drew gets tan really easy, so two weeks into this construction gig  and he is already dark and me, yeah I'm still pasty white. (Ok, not pasty, but you get the idea.) I'm a little jealous. Also, I'm so grateful I married a man who knows how to work. I never have to worry about not having what we need. I know he will also provide for us! 

Oh yeah, I can't believe I'm saying this, but Abbi's first birthday is coming up so if you have any ideas for cute themes for colors, go ahead and throw them my way. (I'm not exactly a party planner.) 
Thank you , Thank you! 

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