Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Love Story: The Beginning

(I haven't ever really written down the details of our "love story" and I really want to remember it, so you lucky people get to hear our mushy gushy romantic love story. Hope you enjoy!)

September 2010:
Our very first encounter was long before we even started dating. It was the fall semester of 2010 at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  Drew was serving as the Stake Executive Secretary Assistant at this time. There was a stake fireside one Sunday evening and I went with a friend I met up at school (Brian). Well Brian happened to be a friend of Drew’s as well and had actually grown up in the same town (Inkom) as Brian. Drew was busy helping set up for the fireside when he saw Brian. So he came over to say hi to Brian and Brian quickly introduced Drew and I. We didn’t talk, and Drew quickly had to leave to get more stuff ready. As soon as Drew was gone, Brian said to me, “You should date Drew!” I said something along the lines of  “No, I’m not really looking to date someone right now.” (typical right???) This was my very first semester at BYU-I, and a serious relationship was an intimidating thought. 

During that semester,  I was very content with life. I became better and better friends with Brian and his roommates. My roommates and Brian's roommates all hung out together. Throughout the semester Brian kept telling me I should date Drew. Brian would even go as far as teasing me about setting me up on a date with this guy named Drew Wright, but it never happened. Each time Brian would mention Drew to me, I would say no. At one point, I considered letting Brian set me up, so I looked up Drew on Facebook. Before even knowing Drew, I had already looked at his mission pictures, family vacations, etc. (Who hasn't done this? Don't judge!) I noticed Drew was not tall. In fact, he looked short! Gasp! (This had always been a "requirement" of my future husband. When I imagined my future husband, he was over 6’ tall). I said something about this to Brian and he said, “He is taller than you!” I just rolled her eyes. Then Brian said, “What if he is the guy you are supposed to marry and you won’t date him because he is short?” This made me think a little bit, was I really that shallow? Would I really not consider Drew because of his height?

During Thanksgiving break, I went back to Washington to be with my family and Brian went to Inkom, where he saw Drew again. They hung out during Thanksgiving break and because Brian's current roommate was getting married (to my sister, by the way) he needed a new roommate and asked Drew to move in with him. Drew said no because he was really happy with where he was living, his roommates, etc. This next part is from Drew's personal journal:

"At first I said no because I was happy where I was. I didn’t want to move and I felt comfortable staying where I was. But the idea of moving in with Brian kept coming back to my mind during the break, but I kept pushing it off. Finally, it just felt right, and after talking with my dad I decided that it would be better for me to move in with Brian and Matt. I still remember pulling into the parking lot at Brian’s apartment at the end of the break and telling him I would move in with them. The most relieving feeling came over me. It was a confirmation from the spirit telling me that was right."


** And because I don't have any pictures from this part of "our story", enjoy these pictures from the VERY beginning...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Splish Splash...

Cutest bum ever! Can I get an Amen?
I have absolutely been LOVING bathtime with Abbigail lately! She has turned into quite the little swimmer! Since she was born, she has gone through phases. Sometimes she would really love the bath and other times she was hate it! (like scream at the top of her lungs the whole bath and every time she was within five feet of the bathtub hate it.) But now its different. Now she is older and more stable. I don't have to worry so much about her. She pretty much has total control over her body. She sits, stands, lays on her belly, and even puts her face in the water! If I let her, she would stay in there for hours warm or cold water. It's kinda the best! We sure love our little fish!

P.S. We're going to the Oregon Coast! Expect lots of pictures!
I wonder how our little fish will handle the ocean... 

Our Love Story: Dating Part One.

If you missed the VERY beginning of our love story, click here to read it...

After Christmas Break, Drew moved in with Brian and the other guys (Matt & Curtis) and a new semester started. I remember we were all hanging out at the "guys' apartment" when Drew started moving all of his stuff in. I asked if he needed any help moving in and he said no, he was just about done. {Side note: Drew wanted me to add, I was the ONLY one who offered to help so I really made an impression on him.} After he finished bringing his things in, we all packed into the bus (Matt worked for the Salt Lake Express) and went to wingers for dinner. I remember ordering the cheapest thing on the menu because I only had like ten dollars in my bank account, oh the life of a college student. Anyways, I sat near Drew and the conversation flowed. We talked about the most random things and I'm not sure I even remember what was said, but if you ask Drew he remembers I said I hate when people whisper while they're in front of other people and I don't have a favorite color; both of which are true. After Wingers, we did what any group of single college students would do if they had access to a huge empty bus... We blasted the stereo and had an awesome dance party ( yeah, we were those people). 
From this point on, we pretty much saw each other everyday. The guys had an apartment across the parking lot from me and my roommate Brielle, so either they came to our place or we went to theirs. It was awesome! It took me about a week to tell Brielle, "I think Drew likes me" although I was interested in another boy at the time, so I didn't really think about Drew "like that". In fact, I can remember one day I wanted to take cookies to the other guy, so I asked if anyone wanted to make cookies and of course Drew volunteered. So Drew made cookies with me and in return I took them to another guy... Lucky for me, Drew forgave me.

Later that week the boys decided to host a game night. One of the guys invited Brielle to come over... and Drew texted me and asked me to be his "game buddy", It was kind of an awkward 'I don't know if this is a date' kind of thing, but it ended up being a really fun time!

Things were going great! We were all having a great time getting to know each other better as JUST FRIENDS, but school was getting really busy. Luckily, we were all headed to Inkom (where most of the guys were from) for the long weekend (Jan. 14-17) to enjoy some sledding, movies, homemade food, and some serious relaxing, and that's where the real relationship began.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Tonight she ate Cheetos. Her fingers and mouth were crazy cheesey and she loved everything about it. What is it about Cheetos that draws little kids (and some adults) in? They are definitely a childhood staple. Am I right? Whatever it is, they've got this girl hooked.

Our Love Story: Dating Part Two.

If you're new, click HERE for the very beginning of our story and HERE for dating part one! 

So the weekend came and down to Inkom we went. Matt lives up a mountain quite a ways and there is ALWAYS snow during the winter! We took advantage of the snow and sledded our lives away! A huge hill, big group of people and only a couple sleds, we're asking for a trip to the ER right? Luckily, no broken arms or legs, I'm sure we had a few bruises here and there but more importantly than that, we all had a bunch of fun! During the weekend, we obviously went sledding a lot, but we also watched movies, played card games, Dance Dance Revolution and ate homemade cinnamon rolls, YUM!

I've always been a big flirt, I just call it being extra friendly, but everyone else tells me it's flirting ;) Anyways, I remember we were all downstairs playing ping-pong. I was destroying Drew and he was sulking because he was losing. So every so often I would pause the game and go give him a hug he would hug me back and smile. Later that day, we were all sitting in the family room playing a game, I was sitting next to Drew and I remember thinking how natural it felt being with him. Maybe this Drew Wright was somebody I was interested in dating.  

The night before we were going to head home, we all gathered in the family room and put a movie on. Drew and I were on the same couch. The movie started and I felt Drew's hand brush against mine and our fingers interlocked. WE WERE HOLDING HANDS! I felt butterflies BIG TIME! I still remember the feeling I got, because it's the same feeling I still get every time he smiles at me, grabs my hand, or kisses my forehead. I was in love from the beginning. 

We were pretty quiet about us for the rest of our time down in Inkom. On the way back to Rexburg, my brother was sitting next to us in the backseat of the car. When he was asleep, Drew and I would sit as close as we could and hold hands but as soon as he woke up, I would let go as fast as I could.

I was determined to keep our relationship a secret...


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Love Story: Dating Part Three.

... So you see, my brother and sister had just recently gotten married (NOT to each other) but one right after the other. I'm talking two weddings in three weeks! Yeah, it was kinda chaotic! But I vaguely remember my mom telling me I wasn't allowed to get married for a while, or maybe I just told myself that to give my poor mom a break from weddings, either way, I didn't want anyone in my family to find out about me and Drew because I was afraid! I liked this guy A LOT and new it would turn into something serious. I was afraid of what they would say, afraid they wouldn't approve, etc. That lasted a whole two days I think...

I remember we went to devotional (with the whole gang) and Drew and I held hands during the WHOLE THING! He still has his notes from the particular devo and you can barely read it because in order to hold my hand, he had to write with his left hand. My brother was with us, and that's when he saw. I figured it was time to come out with it.. I called my mom and downplayed the whole thing BIG TIME!

Me: "So Mom, uhh.. there is this boy named Drew.. and I think I like him."
Mom: "Oh really? Does he like you?"
Me: "I don't know.. but he asked me on a date..."

Yeah, Sorry Mom, I kind of lied to you, I KNEW I liked Drew a lot and he DID like me a lot... But now, over two years later.. I'm sure all is forgiven.

Drew and I went on our first date to Wingers on January 18th 2011. It was flawless. The conversation flowed the entire time. There was just something about him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He made me laugh, he listen to me, and I couldn't get enough of him. After dinner, we drove home and sat in his car and talked for hours.. We never ran out of things to say. It was awesome!

We saw each other everyday. Officially we went on another date a week later, and before we left I told my roommate that "tonight is the night." Drew was going to kiss me on that date. We went to Gringos ( a mexican restaurant in Rexburg), drove around awhile, then went back to his apartment complex and did homework downstairs in their lounge area. We were all cuddled up "studying", no really I think we actually were doing homework. Or at least we were trying to..  He wasn't acting like he was about to kiss me, so I started to kiss him on his cheek every once in a while....

...this is where our story differs. He says I kissed him first, but since I'm the one telling the story, I'm right! I drew you a picture..

You know that awkward crack between your cheek and your lips.. Yeah, that's where I kissed him, and I don't consider that our first kiss. Shortly after that controversial kiss, he actually kissed me smack on the lips! I was speechless! For wanting and planning on kissing Drew that night, I wasn't expecting it...

After that date, we went on plenty of other dates! That whole semester was one big party! We went on a couple double dates with our good friends Matt and Brielle, bowling, roller skating (and before you ask, yes we were surrounded my middle schoolers), movie theaters, down to Inkom, dinners, homework parties, etc. Not to mention, since we were across the parking lot from each other we saw each other every waking second we could.

As fun as that winter semester had been, it had to come to an end. I was going to school year round, so I would be returning to BYU-I for the next semester.. But Drew wasn't on track. He was moving down to Inkom to work. (Inkom is a little over an hour away from BYU-I.) But before he moved, he came with me to Washington to meet my family, Where, ahem... he asked my dad for permission to marry me! Of course my Dad said yes. I know it was hard for him, I'm absolutely, without a doubt, his favorite child.. so he was pretty sad to be losing me.. right Dad?

After an amazing week in Washington, we drove back to Idaho. We went on our last date before the move. After dinner, we came back to my apartment, talked for a minute and then said our goodbyes. Drew gave me a hug and a kiss and left. I was in tears...


Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Love Story: Engaged

After a week of being apart, (the hardest week of my life) On Friday (April 22) I rode the Salt Lake Express shuttle down to Pocatello. Drew picked me up at the bus stop. Seriously, I remember it like a movie scene. I waited in line to get off the shuttle, I saw Drew, we both smiled and started running (almost in slow motion) towards each other then embraced in a loving hug. Can you see it? After our romantic movie scene, Drew took me to dinner at Wingers. If you remember from this post, we went to Wingers on our first date. Wingers will always have a special place in our hearts. {totes presh right?}Dinner was great! I'm one of those people that orders the same thing every time we go out to eat. I find something I like and stick to it. I know, boring, but I always enjoy my dinner, so there. 

After dinner, I thought he was aimlessly driving around, but I found out later he was really stalling. We drove around neighborhoods in Pocatello looking at house after house. He actually worked on one of the subdivisons doing excavation work, so he was pretty proud to show me what he was done, and I was happy to see it! I was proud of him, and I just liked being with him. We love driving around looking at houses... we dream about what our future house will look like. On our way back to Inkom, he took the back roads home and drove up the mountain near his house. We sat at the top and watched the sunset. (I know, another movie scene, right?)

While we were watching the sunset, he started telling me how much he loved me and how he didn't ever want to live without me. He said my name and I looked over and that's when he got down on one knee and opened the ring box. He said, "Ashley, will you marry me and be my eternal companion?" I was speechless! I didn't say anything for a good 30 seconds. It felt like a dream and all I could do was smile. Finally, a YES came out!  He was about to put the ring on my hand then I realized he was holding the wrong hand. So I whispered, "That's the wrong hand" (He was a little bit nervous). But he put the ring on my finger and voila, we were engaged!

We made our way down the mountain to his parent's house where they were waiting to congratulate us. Of course I called my parents and told them the news!

And just like that Drew went from being my boyfriend to my fiance...

It would be a long 3 months and 28 days until we would be married. In the meanwhile I went to school up in Rexburg, driving down to Inkom every chance I got. Don't tell my Mom, but sometimes I would even skip class to go down. I was young and in love, give me a break!

... All I could think about was the day I would be sealed to Drew and become his wife, Ashley Wright.


  {Photography done by Maria Wood! She's the best!}

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Love Story: The Big Day.

Being apart from Drew and going to school at the same time made the {123} days between the day we got engaged and our wedding day feel like an eternity! On August 18th my parents drove to Inkom to pick me up. They had a hotel reserved in Logan (about an hour away) and I was going to stay with them that night. I said goodbye and goodnight to Drew. The next time I would see him, we would be walking into the temple to be sealed to each other for forever!

I woke up EARLY that next morning. My awesome cousin Kim (also my hair dresser) stayed in Logan the night before as well and was so gracious to wake up at 5 in the morning with me and get me all ready! 

I arrived at the Logan Temple with my parents and waited for Drew. All the nervous/anxious feelings went away as soon as I saw him walk up. The Holy Ghost confirmed to me once again that I was doing the right thing. I was supposed to be marrying Drew. 

The temple was absolutely beautiful! We were surrounded by close family and friends as Drew and I promised to love each other for forever. Our marriage can be eternal! I know that if we follow the God's Commandments and honor the covenants we have made with each other and with the Lord, we can be together forever - even AFTER we die! What a happy thing! We said yes and just like that I became Ashley Wright. Drew's Wife. I married my best friend! That peaceful, joyful, happy feeling I had at that moment stayed with me throughout the rest of the day! It was simply perfect. 

We came out of the temple and were greeted by SO many family and friends. Gosh we are blessed! We spent the next couple of hours taking pictures! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, but I just couldn't help it! This was the happiest day of my life. 

Our photographer did such a great job at capturing the pure joy and love we were feeling that day! We can't thank her enough!

And that was the beginning of our life together. On August 19th, 2011 we became a family. I chose to marry Drew and that has been the best decision I have ever made. 

... and just because we have some awesome shots of people while they were waiting for us to come out, you get to enjoy more pictures...

(Photography by Maria Wood)

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