Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brinley is Back!

This last weekend Abbi's cute friend Brinley came to Inkom and they stopped by to say hi! We sure love when we get a chance to have a playdate with Brinley. It's fun to see Abbigail interact with someone her own age... although Brinley is A LOT taller than Abbi, they still get along quite well! They both share a fond love for the chickens in Nana's backyard, so we spent some time out there... Brinley was so well behaved and just sat and and talked to the chickens holding her basket to collect the eggs and my daughter is the one that wanders around the yard, eats dirt, then yells at me for it. {gotta love her.} Also, today happens to be Brinley's first birthday! YAY! Happy Birthday Brinley!

Final note: Abbi and Brinley are 11 days apart.. if you do the math ;) that means Abbi turns one in 11 DAYS!!!!!!!  (I'm kinda freaking out!)

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