Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Love Story: Dating Part Two.

If you're new, click HERE for the very beginning of our story and HERE for dating part one! 

So the weekend came and down to Inkom we went. Matt lives up a mountain quite a ways and there is ALWAYS snow during the winter! We took advantage of the snow and sledded our lives away! A huge hill, big group of people and only a couple sleds, we're asking for a trip to the ER right? Luckily, no broken arms or legs, I'm sure we had a few bruises here and there but more importantly than that, we all had a bunch of fun! During the weekend, we obviously went sledding a lot, but we also watched movies, played card games, Dance Dance Revolution and ate homemade cinnamon rolls, YUM!

I've always been a big flirt, I just call it being extra friendly, but everyone else tells me it's flirting ;) Anyways, I remember we were all downstairs playing ping-pong. I was destroying Drew and he was sulking because he was losing. So every so often I would pause the game and go give him a hug he would hug me back and smile. Later that day, we were all sitting in the family room playing a game, I was sitting next to Drew and I remember thinking how natural it felt being with him. Maybe this Drew Wright was somebody I was interested in dating.  

The night before we were going to head home, we all gathered in the family room and put a movie on. Drew and I were on the same couch. The movie started and I felt Drew's hand brush against mine and our fingers interlocked. WE WERE HOLDING HANDS! I felt butterflies BIG TIME! I still remember the feeling I got, because it's the same feeling I still get every time he smiles at me, grabs my hand, or kisses my forehead. I was in love from the beginning. 

We were pretty quiet about us for the rest of our time down in Inkom. On the way back to Rexburg, my brother was sitting next to us in the backseat of the car. When he was asleep, Drew and I would sit as close as we could and hold hands but as soon as he woke up, I would let go as fast as I could.

I was determined to keep our relationship a secret...


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