Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Love Story: Engaged

After a week of being apart, (the hardest week of my life) On Friday (April 22) I rode the Salt Lake Express shuttle down to Pocatello. Drew picked me up at the bus stop. Seriously, I remember it like a movie scene. I waited in line to get off the shuttle, I saw Drew, we both smiled and started running (almost in slow motion) towards each other then embraced in a loving hug. Can you see it? After our romantic movie scene, Drew took me to dinner at Wingers. If you remember from this post, we went to Wingers on our first date. Wingers will always have a special place in our hearts. {totes presh right?}Dinner was great! I'm one of those people that orders the same thing every time we go out to eat. I find something I like and stick to it. I know, boring, but I always enjoy my dinner, so there. 

After dinner, I thought he was aimlessly driving around, but I found out later he was really stalling. We drove around neighborhoods in Pocatello looking at house after house. He actually worked on one of the subdivisons doing excavation work, so he was pretty proud to show me what he was done, and I was happy to see it! I was proud of him, and I just liked being with him. We love driving around looking at houses... we dream about what our future house will look like. On our way back to Inkom, he took the back roads home and drove up the mountain near his house. We sat at the top and watched the sunset. (I know, another movie scene, right?)

While we were watching the sunset, he started telling me how much he loved me and how he didn't ever want to live without me. He said my name and I looked over and that's when he got down on one knee and opened the ring box. He said, "Ashley, will you marry me and be my eternal companion?" I was speechless! I didn't say anything for a good 30 seconds. It felt like a dream and all I could do was smile. Finally, a YES came out!  He was about to put the ring on my hand then I realized he was holding the wrong hand. So I whispered, "That's the wrong hand" (He was a little bit nervous). But he put the ring on my finger and voila, we were engaged!

We made our way down the mountain to his parent's house where they were waiting to congratulate us. Of course I called my parents and told them the news!

And just like that Drew went from being my boyfriend to my fiance...

It would be a long 3 months and 28 days until we would be married. In the meanwhile I went to school up in Rexburg, driving down to Inkom every chance I got. Don't tell my Mom, but sometimes I would even skip class to go down. I was young and in love, give me a break!

... All I could think about was the day I would be sealed to Drew and become his wife, Ashley Wright.


  {Photography done by Maria Wood! She's the best!}

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  1. loving your love story! and goodness those photos are perfection, you are so beautiful!


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