Thursday, August 1, 2013


I hate goodbyes! 

Drew met Jordan on their mission and they instantly became good friends. Fast forward a few years, the boys came home, found smoking hot wives ;) and had some pretty cute babes too. Since we were all living in Rexburg going to school, we became pretty great friends. We sure love the McMurtrey family! Now that we have all grown up and graduated, we have to move on with life (tear). Drew and I moved down to Inkom and Kelsey and Jordan are moving to Kentucky. We are sure going to miss them and their cute boys! ( no but seriously, I love their boys like they were my own!) Thanks for all the good times guys! You'll do great in Kentucky!

* Prepare yourselves far a MAJOR picture overload! Kelsey, feel free to steal any of these! *

We love you guys! 

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