Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oregon Coast: Part 2.

The moment we pulled up to the beach house, I opened the car door and could immediately smell and hear the ocean. I knew I was in my happy place. I am familiar with the Oregon Coast. I went often growing up and I have loved it for some time. 

The beach house my parents' rented was perfect. It was only a minute walk to the beach and it was a dream. There were basically two houses attached. Some slept in the larger house, and we (along with my younger siblings and Grandma) slept in the smaller house. But, we spent the day with everyone else and hung out in the big house. It was a big group of people and quite the party!

Not too long after we arrived, we all put on our matching shirts (parents made for the trip) and headed over to the beach to take pictures! Oh the weather was PERFECT! (all weekend actually.) If you're familiar with the coast at all, you know usually the weathers requires long pants, and sweatshirts. It was 75 degrees and sunny! You couldn't have asked for better weather!

As soon as Abbi saw the ocean, she started pointing saying "wow" and "ooooh". She LOVED it (from a distance.) She never did warm up to the temperature of the ocean. We took our traditional siblings jumping picture, introduced Abbigail to the ocean and soaked it all in.

Oh it was wonderful! After spending a little time at the beach, we headed into Tillamook. In Tillamook, we went to the farmers market and the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It was so much fun! I love going to farmers markets! They are always so colorful and full of personality! I just adore them!

... and I just adore the Cheese Factory as well! I've been quite a few times before this, and Drew and I went when we were on our honeymoon. ( actually this trip brought back a lot of memories from our honeymoon!) At the Cheese Factory, we went on the tour, sampled cheese, at incredible ice cream, and ate lunch at the cute cafe there. {my camera died right as we arrived, so all the pictures from here were from my sister's iphone. Thanks Savannah!

The next day we spent a lot of time at the beach! It was so perfect! The weather was warm enough we could put our swimsuits on and play in the water! So awesome! Again, Abbi didn't like the water, but she LOVED the sand and searching for cool rocks! So she had a good time..

After the beach, some of us went to go see a lighthouse! It was a smaller lighthouse, but still so fun to visit! We also went on a little hike to go see the "Octopus Tree". That was fun too! Except, on the way back down, Abbi tripped and got her first fat lip. Poor girl! She is really tough, and didn't cry for too long, but her lip was fat for a couple days!

After our fun day, we went back to the beach house, ate some dinner and sat on the deck where we had an awesome view of the beach. My Dad played some guitar and Abbigail danced! She loves music!

The next morning we packed up our bags and got ready for our long drive back home! We tried to get one last family picture before we left, but Abbi wouldn't exactly cooperate. So we blew bubbles at her... and it still didn't work. Little Stinker! 

We had SOOOO much fun at the Oregon Coast! A little vacation was just what we were needing and it was perfect! Thanks Mom & Dad! You guys are the best! Can't wait till we can see you again! 


  1. How fun!! Looks like you had a blast. Also, Abbi's pink swimsuit. I AM DYING!! So cute!

    1. Haha.. Thanks Kels! It was a blast! and her swimsuit! Totally on clearance! Score right?!?

  2. So fun! I've never been to the west coast but it looks BEAUTIFUL! Now I want to go...

    1. Jess, it was so gorgeous! The Oregon Coast is my favorite! Although, I haven't ever been out east... so maybe I need to do that?!?

  3. Okay, this looks like SO much fun. Loved all the special moments you captured!!!

    1. Thanks Jamie! It was a blast! I don't think I ever left the beach house without my camera, and I guess it paid off?


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