Sunday, September 22, 2013

ABC Project: Z is for Zoo.

On Saturday, we we're able to go to the Pocatello Zoo! It isn't a very big or extravagant zoo, it was small, but it was perfect! They had just the right amount of exhibits to keep Abbi entertained and they had a petting zoo and playground. Abbigail was in heaven! {Until she had a major meltdown at the very end because she was in desperate need of a nap!}

One of the coolest exhibits there was the new Grizzly Bear exhibit. It is awesome! It is shaded, which is a major bonus since we were out in the hot sun and the Grizzly bear was pretty active. Abbigail was in complete awe of the bear. She would point, squeal, and say "ooh" and "wow!" She loved it! Until the bear came right up to the glass to say hello and scared her to death! After that, she was kinda over him, so we moved on. 

She loved being outside walking around, all the trees and bushes and she LOVED being with her cousin Daniel! She just adores him! and we kinda like him too! :) At almost every exhibit she would grab on to the fence and put her face as close as she could get it. It was hilarious! We brought the stroller, but it was fun watching her walk on her own and she felt so proud of herself. She is such a big girl! (Developmentally speaking of course, her body is still pretty small!)

At the playground they had a statue of a baby bear cub and I think that was her favorite part of the playground. Drew put her on it's back and her eyes lit up! She was so excited to be sitting on this statue!? She probably would have sat on it all afternoon smiling and swinging her feet. That girl sure keeps us laughing. 

Overall the Zoo was a hit! It is so fun watching Abbi grow up and see her personality shine through! Although sometimes I feel like she is one going on 13, I sure love my girl! I feel grateful for the opportunity to be her mom!

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