Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dear Abbi: You Matter.

Dear Abbigail, 

My heart has been very heavy lately. After long, tiring days, your daddy and I enjoy cuddling on the couch and watching some TV together. Shows on television have been getting bad, but more recently we have noticed how hard it is to watch a TV show without it referring to God, sex, or families in a very irreverent and inappropriate manner. It makes me sad. 

Today, I came across this article and it gave me comfort. I'm not alone. The world is telling you, you have to be prideful, rebellious, and immodest in order to fit in and be important. I want to tell you, they are wrong.   

Heavenly Father created you. You are His daughter. You are smart, beautiful, caring, confident and YOU MATTER. 

Please understand you don't have to be a follower. You don't have to change who you are and throw away values to fit in. You can be a leader. You can be an example to others. You can show people that true happiness comes from having a relationship with God. True happiness comes from respecting your body, knowing who you are and where you came from and being a true friend. Happiness comes from serving others, and doing your best everyday to do good in this world. 

I love you Abbi. Always remember who you are. You are a daughter of your Heavenly Father and He loves you. He cares about you and He knows you personally. Rely on Him. Rely on Him always. He will give you courage to stand up for what's right, the desire to be chaste and virtuous and the confidence to be yourself. 

Because Abbigail, - You Matter. 

"Let the knowledge that you are a daughter of God settle deep into your soul, it will comfort you, strengthen your faith, and influence your conduct...Heavenly Father knows you and loves you. You are His special daughter. He has a plan for you"
-Susan W. Tanner

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