Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oregon Coast: Part 1.

The drive to Oregon was L-O-N-G! Google Maps said it would take us 12 hours, but with our crazy one year old it, of course took longer than that! We left Friday morning after Drew taught his class and it happened to be the same time Abbigail normally goes down for her morning nap. It worked out perfect! She fell right asleep and slept for a couple hours! It was glorious! 

She woke up and needed some entertainment. Lucky for her, she has crazy parents who are pretty entertaining just by being themselves. So for the next little while we read story after story and snacked on goldfish crackers and grapes. Yum right? After a while, she was ready for another nap, but she fought it hard!

(As if I actually need to say this, her crying lasted A LOT longer than 18 seconds.)

She finally fell asleep, we drove some more. Abbi decided she was ready for dinner when we were kind of in the middle of no where, so at the next gas station we stopped. Our sweet daughter had a gas station hot dog and banana for dinner. Sounds good huh? Oh the joys of long road trips. We finally stopped for dinner in the Dalles (subway) and got Abbi some Cheetos and and a chocolate chip cookie to keep her busy. BIG MISTAKE! 20 minutes after our dinner stop, she was screaming. When we got off the freeway to see what was wrong this is what we saw..

I should have seen that coming! It was EVERYWHERE! She got in on her face, hands, hair, up her nose, ALL OVER her new carseat, EVERYWHERE! We stripped her down, cleaned her off and put an oversized shirt on her.

We finally got to Portland, it had been a long 12 hour trip already and we still had 2 hours to go. We took a wrong turn and when we finally got back on track, we were both pooped. We got a hotel for the night, settled in and started reading some books to Abbigail. Cuddling on the bed with Drew and Abbi reading story after story made my heart melt. We forgot all the craziness of the day and just enjoyed our time together. Our night was perfect!

We got some sleep because the next day we would start our beach adventure! 

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