Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ABC Project: F is for Football.

Did you go to your high school football games? Did you dress up in ridiculous costumes (school colors required), put crazy ribbon in your hair, paint your face, lose your voice screaming, and take an unhealthy amount of pictures that would probably fall under this category?

I sure did! I loved the whole experience! The cheering, the fight song, the student section, the sweet, sweet smell of victory, I loved it all! But I guess all my friends got smart and took down their embarrassing pictures from high school, because I couldn't find pictures of us at a game anywhere! Boo or Yay?! {I can't decide!}

Fact is, I was a big fan of going to football games! So when Drew started teaching seminary this year, He told me he'd like to go to the games to support his students I was 100% for it! Last Friday, we went to our first game! Only this time I didn't wear a crazy costume or paint my face and instead of sitting in the student section, I sat with all the adults? (I'm getting old people! I can see my hands start to wrinkle up as I type! ;)

But guess what? It was still fun! There was cheering, fight song singing, an enthusiastic student section, but no sweet smelling victory. (next time, next time!) We had a blast! It was kinda chilly, so we bundled up! Abbi had a corn dog for dinner (part of the whole experience huh?) and was more interested in the people around us yelling at the refs about "bad calls" than the actual game itself. During halftime, the cheerleaders brought out a big group of little girls, and they did a whole dance routine together. It was adorable! I decided we are putting Abbi in cheer, dance or gymnastics. She has NO say in the matter! ;)

Can't wait for the next game! 

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