Monday, April 7, 2014

Kansas Trip {Part Two}

We didn't waste any time that next morning! 

We woke up bright and early! {thank you time difference and a stubborn toddler who doesn't know how to "sleep in"} After breakfast, we all got ready and headed out for an afternoon of fun! First stop was Panera Bread. I feel as though I missed out! Pregnancy food aversion and nausea were acting up and I didn't really get to enjoy my lunch! 

Next time, Panera, next time. 

After lunch, we ventured into an older part of Kansas City to the children's museum. The neighborhood seemed a little bit questionable, but the museum itself was so fun! Obviously, well used and so so enjoyable

The museum had a bunch of different rooms all with different themes! It was so fun! As we started to leave each room, Abbi would have an absolute meltdown. She was having so much fun and didn't want to leave. Then, we would show her the next room and her face would light up! It didn't matter what was in the room, it was the coolest thing she had ever seen! 

One of her favorite rooms was the little shop they had full of recycled materials. They were selling things like toilet paper rolls, cardboard, old pieces of metal, aluminum cans, etc for dirt cheap. Essentially, it was a room full of garbage for sale and Abbi couldn't get enough. I think she is going to be a creative little booger when she gets older and she she didn't get that from me. Trust me. 

Can I just take a moment to say something and get it off my chest?! I have made an executive decision {meaning, Drew has no say in the matter whatsoever}
Starting yesterday, any extra money we have is going into a "project adopt an African baby fund!" 
Seriously, at the children's museum they had a room full of dolls. Abbi quickly chose the cutest little baby doll and wouldn't put it down. I died and couldn't even handle how cute it was! I feel the same way Abbi. One day, one day. 

We had such a fun time at the children's museum! If only Kansas was 30 minutes away instead of 16 hours, we would be there every single day!

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