Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I know Valentine's Day was like 2 years ago... But I found these pictures and couldn't not post them! 

I know a lot of people don't care for Valentine's Day. I've heard people say they think people should show their special person they care about them every single day of the year not just on one day. I couldn't agree more! 

But, that doesn't mean if we do show our special person we love and care about them every single day of the year that we can't go above and beyond to make our person feel special. I'm a strong believer in Valentine's Day. I believe in love. I believe it is important to make sure your significant other knows how much you adore them. They need to know that you love them, and couldn't imagine life without them. They need to know that you would do anything if it means making them happy because their happiness is that important to you. Valentine's Day is the perfect day to reaffirm this. 

Valentine's Day is not about you. 

Valentine's Day is about the other person. How can you make their heart happy? How can you brighten their day/week/year? 

The way to Drew's heart is a Little Caesars pizza and a Route 44 Peach Dr. Pepper from Sonic. He will forever be my favorite person to shop for because that and new socks, ties, or white shirts will always be his answer for "what do you want for your birthday?" or "what's on your Christmas list?"  It's the simple things that make him happy and I absolutely love that about him! 

Abbi and I had such a good time making cards for our special guy. Also, we discovered that Abbigail has a love for obsession with stickers! She couldn't get enough of them! Of course after we finished her card, she had to admire her work saying "wow" and "pretty!" She was pretty proud of herself. 

Then I remembered how I want to be successful in different photo shoots with Abbi and I thought I would take some pictures of her in her adorable Valentine's Day PJ's. I think it was pretty successful! When I told her to say "cheese" she fell to her knees and started pouting but that didn't last long. After her short pout session, she got on all fours and started growling at me. I guess my little pet lion didn't like the idea of a photo shoot after all. {surprise, surprise!}

Really, We just want Drew to know how much he means to us. He is so hardworking, committed, caring, loyal, loving, silly, energetic, thoughtful and I don't know where we would be if we didn't have him in our lives. Life definitely throws us curve balls, but I wouldn't want to take on this world with anyone else!

We sure love you Drew! Thanks for everything you do for us! 

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