Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kansas Trip {Part One}

One year ago, my sister gave birth to a sweet baby girl. Hailey Rae Simmons was born and there was nothing I wanted more than to pack my bags, fly on a plane and cuddle my new baby niece. My mom was flying out and she offered to let me and 6 months old Abbi tag along. We were so excited! But the day before we were supposed to leave, Abbi had a fever spike and she started coughing. I took her to the doctor the and she had an ear infection and he wanted us to go to the hospital and get tested for RSV. To the hospital we went and our poor baby did in fact have RSV. I called my Mom and canceled our trip... 

{We were SOOO disappointed}

fast forward a year...

My Mom was flying out to Kansas for Hailey's first birthday and invited us to come with her! YAY!
{We were stoked!}

I told Abbigail she wasn't allowed to get sick or else I would ground her for life! Luckily, she listened.

We packed our bags and even though we were a little nervous to leave Daddy and fly on a big airplane, we headed to the airport! Our flight from Twin Falls to Salt Lake City was only about a half an hour. Abbigail did SO well! We read books, said 'hi' to just about everyone on the plane twenty times and ate snacks. The only time she cried was on the descent. I was one proud Mama.

My Mom was waiting for us at the Salt Lake airport. We were so excited to see Grandma! It was so helpful to have her to help with Abbi while on the airplanes and throughout our vacation. Our flight from Salt Lake to Kansas was a little over two hours. I was nervous because Abbigail doesn't usually cuddle or fall asleep in my arms. Our flight was from 8:30-11:00 PM. She surprised me and after a 15 minute fight to stay awake she gave in and fell asleep. I just laid her down on the two seats next to me and she slept for the whole flight! I was so relieved. 

^^ Oh yeah, and as always, Bubble Guppies saved us during her fussy times! ^^
After a long, long evening of flying, we arrived in Kansas about 11:30, but after getting our luggage, waiting for a rental car, and driving to Lindsay's house, we didn't make it to bed until about 1:30 AM. We were exhausted and slept great!


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