Monday, March 24, 2014

Daniel Turns ONE!

I officially am declaring that time is passing too quickly and I demand that it slow down immediately! Can I get an Amen?! 

Our little not so little Daniel Grant Rackham turned one on March 1st! Hello! Wasn't he just barely born, like yesterday?!

Most of the family was able to get together to celebrate this cute dude's first year! We had so much fun! 

Also, I know he is one and one year olds are supposed to be learning how to walk, but it blows my mind that he is old enough! When did that happen?! 

Nana and Grandpa had the genius idea to fill up a plastic swimming pool with packing peanuts, hide Easter Eggs full of candy and fruit snacks, and let the littles go at it! They had so much fun! {and we had fun watching them!} There is just something about little kids going on Easter Egg hunts that makes me all kinds of happy inside! 

^^ Don't bug me, I'm trying to relax! ^^

Cake Time!! At first he really wasn't so sure about the whole "I'm supposed to touch/devour that whole piece of cake by myself?!" thing, but it didn't take him long before he figured out his true feelings. I think you can probably tell from the pictures... He absolutely LOVED LIKED TOLERATED okay, he HATED it!

He does make a pretty cute little tribal boy though. Wouldn't you agree?! 

Then it was time for presents. Daniel was kind enough to share and let Abbi and Ryker play with his presents as well! Okay, let's be real. He didn't have a choice. Abbi and Ryker very enthusiastically showed Daniel how his new toys worked and then never gave them back. {those sneaky toddlers} Luckily, Daniel was pretty entertained with the balloons that were on the ground or the situation could have been a lot more dramatic. 

^^ Ryker and Abbi thought the party would be more fun if they ditched their clothes, because clothes are overrated anyways! ^^

We had so much fun celebrating with this little dude! Even though I'm not 100% okay with the fact that he is growing up, I'm happy that I live close enough that I get to see it all happen! He is such a happy little guy, Abbi just adores "Bubba" and  he adds so much joy and personality to our family! 

Happy Birthday Daniel Grant! 

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