Friday, February 21, 2014

Washington Trip (Jan 2014)

At the end of January, Abbi and I were feeling like an adventure. So we made a quick decision to go to Washington to visit my family! Although we moved two hours closer than we were, it is still a L-O-N-G trip but oh so worth it. This was our first vacation without Drew. It was hard (I'm the biggest baby when it comes to being separated!) but Abbi and I had so much fun with my family! We spent four days playing with cousins, shopping, eating out and just having fun! I'm so glad we went! Plus, Abbi and Kael were able to play and get to know each other and they are adorable! They just love each other and they played surprisingly well! I don't think we had any hitting, biting or toy stealing, so I'd call it a success! 

{If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen most of these pictures, but I wasn't very good about using my camera. BOO! So these are all I have.}

...also, while we were there I found these Gems. You're welcome! I can't wait for Abbi to grow up and look just like me. She'll be one lucky gal! 

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