Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm Back!

You guys, enough is enough! I'm pretty sure I've been sulking in my "I don't have anything to blog about" attitude long enough. I was reading past posts I've written and I realized I miss blogging! Plus, I'm only hurting myself when I don't do it. I was so good at recording our life and I've missed so much! So I'm back! Full force! Get ready for some great posts. For now, I'm just going to do some catch up posts. 


Last year was a pretty challenging year for us. After graduation, we moved down to Inkom where Drew did is Student Teaching for Seminary. We love seminary, but student teaching was only a part time job. When Drew first started teaching, he was able to work with his dad as well, but his second trimester schedule didn't allow that. We were living off a part time job and that's hard financially and emotionally. We were trying really hard to put our trust in God because we had felt good and peaceful about Drew's decision to teach Seminary. This was what we were supposed to be doing. But if we're being honest, there were A LOT of hard, hard days. 

Then, just before Christmas, Drew got a call from his boss asking if we could come to his house and meet with him. I immediately felt my stomach drop. Just before this phone call, Drew had heard about a few different student teachers being told they weren't being hired and we didn't know what to expect. This was either really good or really bad. {Spoiler Alert: It was really good!}

He told us that they would like to offer us a full time position teaching seminary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And you guys, we were speechless. We had been praying for this day to come, but we totally weren't expecting it. He told us a spot had just opened up that morning in Kimberly, Idaho. My first thought? I don't even know where Kimberly, Idaho is, but I don't even care! We are accepting this job offer! ;) He told us we would have two weeks to pack, move and settle in. TWO WEEKS! Drew would start teaching on January 6th. 

After speaking with Drew's boss and his family for awhile, we accepted the job offer and headed home. We were both feeling overwhelmed. We drove home and googled our new home. Kimberly is about five minutes outside of Twin Falls. It has a population of about 3500. There are multiple gas stations, a grocery store, a couple fast food places, an elementary school, middle school and a high school and two different LDS churches. Not huge, but not as small as Inkom. We were thrilled! We told all of our family and then the fun started! 

Our life for the next two weeks was nuts! Between our drives to and from Kimberly to find a place to live, Christmas and packing, we had little time for anything else. Luckily, we have awesome family and they helped us get finished packing in no time. 

On January 3rd, the moving truck came and we headed over to our new home. 

We absolutely LOVE it here! The town is small enough that I pretty much know my way around and can even remember street names when talking to other people! Twin Falls is close enough that we have plenty of options for shopping and eating out. The weather is very mild compared to our previous homes (Rexburg and Inkom) and we love that! The people we have met are extremely friendly and we feel very comfortable here! We're excited to continue our adventure here and see what life has in store for us! 

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