Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello Fall!

Taken by a friend here in Inkom. This is where I live, GORGEOUS right? 

I saw one of my favorite bloggers made a fall bucket list and I thought that was such a great idea. Sometimes I get in a slump thinking about how Abbigail and I are "stuck" inside all day, everyday. (Which isn't true, but that is what my mind has been telling me lately.) Plus I just love making lists because they make me feel accomplished! So here it is:

Our Fall Bucket List! 
-Take Abbigail to a pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin! 
-Make all kinds of pumpkin desserts, multiple times!
-Bundle up in our sweaters and boots and take Abbi on a walk a few times a week.
-Decorate the house for fall/Halloween. 
-Cuddle on the couch with Drew and watch his favorite show.
-Make hot chocolate like everyday!
-Get/Make Abbi a Halloween costume. 
-Take more pictures WITH Abbi. 
-Learn to make caramel corn.
-Make a bunch of goodies and deliver them to people in our ward. 
-Get to know my neighbors better. 
-Read my scriptures everyday and Listen to a conference talk daily too. 
-Read a new book. 
-Make chili and corn bread! Yum! 
- Learn how to make a new "fall" recipe. 
- Decorate our pumpkins! 
-Hand out candy on Halloween! 

Did I miss something? 
What fun plans do you guys have this fall?

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