Monday, October 21, 2013

14 Months.

      Dear Abbigail Anne, 

I can't believe you are growing up so fast! Today you are officially 14 months old! It has been 2 whole months since you went and turned one on me. As much as I didn't want it to happen, I'm glad it did. Watching you grow up brings me so much joy and happiness! You have so much personality and it brightens my whole day, everyday!

+ You love to dance, "jump", play outside and climb on just about everything! (And by jump, I mean squat down, wait for us to count to 3, then stand up tall with your arms in the air! You never actually leave the ground, but you're pretty proud of yourself!) 
+ Your favorite foods are applesauce and hot dogs (nutrious right?) 
+ You're learning new words everyday! I love that you are able to tell us what you want (or don't want)
+ Currently, you have 8 teeth. I thought your fourth molar popped through.. But it was just teasing us. Hopefully soon! Teething stinks!  
+ In the mornings we watch Dora the Explorer and Bupple Guppies! Those are your favorites! 
+ Bathtime is still a favorite activity. Although now you think it's fun to stand up and dance or run in the bathtub. {It's caused a lot of unnecessary Owwies}
+ You sleep awesome during the night and your morning. But lately an afternoon nap is kind of hit and miss! I would like you to take two naps a day until your 5, but you've kinda decided one will do. (We're still "discussing" it)
+ You have the cutest voice and the cutest giggle! It's hard not to laugh when you are giggling. Thanks for that! 
+ You know where your nose is and where your belly button is and you are quickly learning all of your other body parts! You're a smarty! 
+Tantrums are becoming your specialty! It makes grocery shopping and church a lot more exciting! 

Thanks for being our sassy, silly princess! I can't imagine my days without you! You're my favorite little toddler {even if you did pee on my couch today!}

Love you Abbi Girl! 


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