Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's a Girl!


Ok, seriously folks. Can you believe it has been one year since I posted this. It has been one full year! One year since we found out that cute little gummy bear in my belly was a beautiful, spunky little girl. It seriously blows my mind. Now that cute girl that grew so big in my belly, is over 7 months old, crawling, pulling herself to a stand, and babbling. I swear she is about to say "mama", I can feel it in my bones. {she's so close!} People tell you that they "grow up so fast", but they're not kidding. Every time I blink, she passes another milestone. Seriously time, SLOW DOWN! I love my cute girl. I love my cute family. Life may be CRAZY busy right now with finals and graduation right around the corner, but I am going to try and relax and enjoy my perfect family!

Oh and, General Conference is this weekend! {My favorite time of the year!}

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