Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Craft Day...

Saturday is a special day, it's the day you hurry up and get some crafts done because daddy is home to watch the baby. In the past I have not been a big crafter/DIY{er}. I mean come on, I've never even used Modge Podge (before tonight). But I am going to start DIY{ing} more. Some people find crafting relaxing. This is NOT the case for me. I find it being a big challenge. But I am going to try and and craft more and hopefully one day it will be a relaxing hobby for me.  

Today I did TWO crafts. Count 'em ONE, TWO! Yeah, I'm kinda on a roll! 

Project number ONE:

I really, really wanted to do a shadow box for Abbi with things from the hospital! I finally got around to it. The shadow box ended up being smaller than I thought, so it is just simple but still cute right? I can't wait to hang it up in her room!

Project number TWO:

L-O-V-E Letters! {Happy almost Valentines Day}

Usually the only holiday I decorate for is Christmas! I'm kinda a big Christmas fan. But after seeing quite a few post on cute decorations for Love Day, I decided to jump on board.

What you need:
*Chipboard Letters
*Scrapbook Paper
*Modge Podge
*Foam Paint Brush
*Nail File
*Ink pad (if you really want)

1: Trace around the letters on THE BACK of the scrapbook paper of your choice. For those of you who are crafty "challenged" like me, this also means to trace the letter backwards. That way it is everything matches up after you have traced the letter.

2: Use Modge Podge and paint the letters, then place the paper on the painted letter, and paint over the paper. (don't worry, it dries clear!) Also, make sure you rub out all the air bubbles before you paint over the paper with Modge Podge. I didn't do this and now I have air bubbles everywhere... (it was my first go with Modge Podge)

Then let the Modge Podge dry completely. 

3: Grab the nail file and file off any extra paper hanging off the sides. On a side note (get it? :), It helps if it is a newer nail filer and not one that has been used a lot, like the one pictured above. 

Here is where the Optional Step 3.5 comes in. If you want to grab an ink pad and rub it along the edges of the letter, it makes it look antique. Pretty cool! 

4: Put on a shelf (or hang up with a nail) and enjoy! 

There you have it! I'm no expert, but I thought it was a fun little project. Maybe you will too? What DIY projects have you done lately? Let me know! I'm feeling pretty Crafty...


  1. Just a tip with the modge podge. Even if you smooth out the paper, you may still have bubbles. If you do: once the modge podge is no longer tacky, place heavy books on it and the air bubbles will flatten out. Be careful though, if you do it too soon you might rip the paper. Fun project!

  2. Those are both cute Ideas. might still the shadow box one since I have stuff from when Kenneth was born but had no idea what to do with it. :)

  3. love both projects! they turned out so cute


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