Thursday, January 3, 2013

An instaHoliday...

Needless to say, we had a bunch of fun on our Christmas Break. We were able to go to Washington and spend Christmas with my family. It was pretty Chaotic but oh so fun. It was filled with eating out (a little too much), shopping, family time, mistletoe, All Day Date (oh yeah!), free food, free babysitting, and so much more. Seriously if you can't tell, it was kinda the best!

Our sweet Abbigail is 4 months old and I can't believe it! She has such a fun, LOUD, personality. Her absolute favorite thing to do is yell. She isn't necessarily angry when she yells, it is kinda all the time. Whether she is happy, sad, mad, excited, or hungry she just yells. {talk about an attention hog}. We kinda love her. :)

Now we are home in the good 'ol Rexburg. The temperature now is about -2 so I guess winter is officially here. For the record, I am so glad the heater works in our apartment!

School starts soon (like monday!) I only have ONE class left! {WOOHOO!} Graduation is SO close! Then I will be able to stay at home and give all of my attention to Abbigail. Just like she wants.

P.S. I won a giveaway! Stefani from Miss Jo and Co designs blog and I totally won a new blog design! {YAY}. So I get a new blog design for the new year! Keep your eye out. 

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