Thursday, August 2, 2012

35 weeks + a bee sting :(

Today I am 35 weeks pregnant! Woo! To celebrate I got pampered and went to get a pedicure and manicure! {Drew is too good to me.} Last week at my doctor's appointment I was measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. So we are pretty hopeful that THIS MONTH is BABY MONTH! I am feeling more and more pregnant everyday and I am getting really excited for our sweet baby girl to be here!

Also, on sad note, Drew got stung by a bee today. How is that fair? I get pampered and Drew gets a bee sting. Oh and he is allergic. This happened all of 10 minutes ago and being the sympathetic and supportive wife I am, I made him hold still so I could get a picture. :) He said his wrist might swell up quite a bit... if so I will definitely keep you updated!


  1. Uh Oh! He is really allergic to bee stings. Keep an eye on that one! :)

  2. You look cute Ash! And your nails are so cute too!:-)


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