Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day Fun Run

For Fathers day this year, the Wright family has instated an annual fun run the weekend of Fathers Day. Because I am almost 29 weeks pregnant and have worked out maybe a total of 5 times this whole pregnancy, Drew and I were officially the "Support Team"!

We drove the car around with a big cooler in the back filled with Powerades, Water, and of course Otterpops! {Because what is a fun run without otterpops?} We stopped periodically to make sure that the runners were hydrated and happy. :) Mom and Dad were there of course!  Heather, Justin and baby Ryker (Drew's brother and family) came up for fathers day weekend and participated. Jacob and Janelle (Drew's Sister and husband) recently moved down to Inkom for the rest of the summer, so they were able to participate as well. The only people missing were Stephanie and Grant :( Drew's other sister and husband). Hopefully they will be able to make it to the 2nd annual Fathers day fun run! Anyhow, Enjoy these snap shots of the big run/walk ;)

The Whole gang!

I joined them for the walking portion of the fun run :)

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