Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Abbi's Christmas Wishlist

Infant UGG Boots: We live in Rexburg. Come on people, IT'S COLD! Plus, look how cute and comfortable they look. I'm sure Abbigail would love these. Who wouldn't?
Baby Jumper: I've been wondering when is the right time to get Abbi a jumper/saucer thing. She is getting so strong and can just about hold her head up all the time. This one looks like it has a lot of different toys on it AND it has a high back so she can just rest her neck on that if she gets tired! This would also allow me to get things done while Abbi is entertained. 
New Dress: Abbi is in this awkward stage where her newborn clothes are starting to get too small but her 3 month clothes are still too big. Ugh. However, her dresses are especially tight. Most of the dresses we have are onesie dresses and they are getting really hard to take off. So i 'm sure Abbi would love a new dress (or two). 
Teething Rings & Sophie the Giraffe: I have heard these are really nice for the littles because they can grab hold of them and have a good grip on them. I don't think Abbi will be teething for a few months, but I have already noticed her putting her hands in her mouth more often. It would be fun to get her some toys that she can "eat". 
New Coat: Again, i'm using the "we live in Rexburg" excuse, but who doesn't want a new coat during the winter. Abbi just got a couple jackets, but a nice winter coat would be really nice. Layers, layers, layers! Plus this one from Old Navy happens to be really cute. 
Goodnight Moon: This isn't the only book I want to get Abbi, but it is definitely a good start. We do have a few books to read to her, but I really want to have a collection. I love picture books! I can't wait until Abbi can actually understand what we are reading. 
Ear Flap Hat: Abbi has a few hats, but I have been dying for her to have one like this. I have one, and I love how it covers my ears and it fits so cute! I am so happy they make some in an infant size. This really does make my heart happy. I can't wait until I can get Abbi one too. It will keep her little, precious ears SO warm. Rexburg people, It snows in July! 

We are so excited for Christmas around our house. Dad says no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, which Abbi and I try to respect. But sometimes we slip, like last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Ooops. I'm looking for some EASY  DIY Christmas projects I can do. Anyone have some good ideas? 


  1. Ashley if you want I can make Abbi a few hats with ear flaps. I love having them for Kenneth too and I have a lot of cute ones I could make. I only charge $10 for baby hats. :) Plus I can hand deliver it so no shipping costs. :)

  2. Lets do Christmas projects together! PS- I've totally been listening to Christmas music since before Halloween...you have my permission to slip up occasionally.

  3. Chloe absolutely loved her sofie giraffe! I've got a few pictures of her sleeping with it. Sometimes now if i still squeak it she'll smile.:) It's a great toy and teether!

  4. We got a jumper at two months and Remi loved it! He hates it now that he is mobile. Sophie Griaffe is the bomb.


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