Monday, October 22, 2012

Wisdom Teeth and Family.

This past week, I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I was lucky enough to have my family stay an extra day so they could help me take care of Abbigail. Little did I know, I would be out of commission for almost a full week. Thank goodness we are blessed with such great family and friends. We also had the chance to go and visit Janelle and Jacob up in Moscow. We miss them SO much and are sad they can't live closer, but we had such a nice time with them. We sure love our family.

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  1. Oh...that picture with Jake and Janelle and little Abby just made me cry! Soooo cute! Jacob loves babies...and has always been so tender with them, even when he was just little...and now Janelle is just as crazy for them too! They will be great parents someday soon! Until then...they are the best Aunt and Uncle anyone could ask for! <3


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