Monday, August 15, 2011

The Final Countdown

Well, this is it! This is my last week as a single woman. It still doesn't feel real. Come Friday, I will no longer be Ashley Elizabeth Bullock, I will be Ashley Elizabeth Wright. I have been dreaming about finding my prince charming and having my fairytale wedding from the time I was 3?4? Something like that. How surreal, that in 4 days my dream day will be here. Excited is definitely an understatement.

TODAY - 4 days!
TUESDAY - 3 days!
WEDNESDAY - 2 days!
THURSDAY - 1 day!

It is SO close! I feel like it can't come fast enough. I look forward to having someone be there for me forever. Having someone who will do anything to make me happy. I look forward to not saying good bye every night, instead just saying goodnight and fall asleep next to each other. Drew is more than I dreamed of as a 3 year old girl. He is incredible. I love him so much! I am ecstatic to start this new adventure with him. I can't thank everyone who has been involved with the planning of the wedding and our SUPER support system enough! You guys are the best!

As you can tell, Life is good. :)

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